Miguel Manzano
actor, NYC


As We Go Along

Present day New York City, daytime in a shabby rent-controlled apartment. An unmade bed, dirty dishes piled up in the sink and stale dog food left in a bowl. Lights are dimmed throughout the apartment and smoke fills the air. A bundle of women clothes lies in the corner of the room.
Two vulnerable and lonely strangers find comfort in each other. A powerless, miserable man dealing with a unspeakable tragedy finds fulfillment in commanding an escort and consuming illegal substances while the heartful, yet friendless, young woman finds comfort in her unusual client.


Release Date  2020 (post-production)

Director  Oscar de la Torre Suárez
Writer  Paolina Weber
Cast  Miguel Manzano, Daniella Valdez
Cinematography  Ben Mosca
Art Direction  Thea Brooks
Sound Mixer & Boom Operator  Eva Yuma
Producer  Phoebe Weinstein