Miguel Manzano
actor, NYC


En El Septimo Dia

En El Septimo Dia is a play written and directed by galician television screenwriter Diego Villar (Padre Casares, Luci) with Paco Alvarellos and Miguel Manzano.
The story follows God (Paco Alvarellos) while he is putting the finishing touches on the creation of the world. His perfectionism tells him something is missing so he invites his protégé (Miguel Manzano), an angel with lust for power, for counseling but the friendly evening soon ends up in a violent attempt to own and alter the fate of humankind.

Opening   2013, Spain

Director   Diego Villar
Writers   Diego Villar
Cast   Paco Alvarellos, Miguel Manzano
Production design   Jose Ortiz Exposito
Producer   La Tuerka 27