Miguel Manzano
actor, NYC


Teoria de Cuerdas

A play co-written, co-directed and co-performed by Venezuelan actress and professor Adelaida Pittaluga and Miguel Manzano himself.
A clumsy single mother arrives to her first day at a new gym club and immediately feels attracted to her almost perfect coach. But...is he a real person or an angel fallen from above? Are those wings real or just her imagination? Is it real life in a not so ordinary day or just another hopeful dream? A tale about quantum physics, independent women and gym memberships.

Opening  2013, Spain

Director   Adelaida Pittaluga, Miguel Manzano
Writers   Adelaida Pittaluga, Miguel Manzano   based on a story byTomas Conde)
Cast   Adelaida Pittaluga, Miguel Manzano
Producers  Adelaida Pittaluga, Miguel Manzano, La Tuerka 27